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Supply >> Casting nonferrous metals by casting machines under pressure and in chill mould.

Production of castings from aluminum and brass for casting machines, the pressure on the machines kokilnyh

Supply >> Laser based strengthening technology

Hardening of the batches of spares. Organization of the productions "on a turn-key basis". Forming protective wear-proof coverings on the working surfaces of spares by case hardening, alloying, build-up welding.

Supply >> Restoration of the worn out surfaces

Sale of technology or "know-how", manufacturing of experimental batches of products, joint venture, development of new materials by the order of the customer according to the specified conditions.

Supply >> Technology and equipment for forming protective coverings

Manufacturing equipment. Strengthening experimental batches of spares. Organization of productions "on a turn-key basis". R&D under contract on perfection of the characteristics of the designs and technological processes.

Supply >> High-frequency ionic-plasma coagulator "VIK"

The device is applied:

• for removal of papillomas, condylomas, various tumors, tattoos;
• for polishing keloid cicatrix;
• for treatment of venereal sarcomas, tendovaginitis, various skin diseases: eczema madidans, dermatomycoses, etc.;
• for blood vessels ligation (sealing vascular walls without ligature imposing).