Supply - Metallurgic reverberatory furnaces and mixers

Construction of metallurgical furnaces and complexes

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Offer annotation: 

Construction of metallurgical furnaces and complexes

Key words: 

Furnaces, furnaces-mixers, metallurgy, molding, aluminum, reverberatory furnaces, industrial furnaces.

Offer description: 

NPO METPROMMASH Ltd builds at the customer’s industrial base the complex on metallurgic processing of nonferrous scrap metals.

Technical and economic advantages of products: 

The designs of furnaces and mixers are tested by years of operation. Easy to operate and repair. Big number of heat shifts. Little charcoal fumes. Economical, highly efficient, possibility of using various fuels.

Innovative aspects of the offer: 

Own design of furnaces.

The product was exhibit at: 

Metallurgic conferences.

Copyright description: 

Certificates on industrial security of furnaces and mixers

Product application filed: 

Metallurgy, processing scrap metals

Practical experience of similar offers implementation: 

Since 1997 over 10 complexes were constructed.

Conditions and limitations of product realization : 

Building without Open Company NPO METPROMMASH participation is forbidden

Environmental effects: 

. Furnaces have standard after-burn chambers