SYSTEM OF EXPRESS QUALITY High-frequency ionic-plasma coagulator "VIK" Technology and equipment for Making castings of ferrous Stochastic model of the Cavitation based disinfecting of Restoration of the worn Laser based strengthening technology Method of forming wear Technology of plating / Metallurgic reverberatory furnaces and Технология нанесения многофункциональных газотермических Metal structure plate of The technology of producing Casting nonferrous metals by Fiberglass resin pipes and supply fibre glass material, Tunable Eye-Safety Laser of Family of High Voltage Ecologically Safety Resource- and СУН 3435 Portable Ultra-Sound Equipment and Technology for Electrolyte-Plasma Treatment of metal Technologies for Surface Protection Induction Cladding of Wear-Resistant Technology and Equipment Complex Thermodiffusion Strengthening Processing of Technological Wire Milling Process Technology and Equipment for Technologies for Extraction of Degas Tablet for Treatment Turbine Mixer УСТ‑0701 for Anti-Burnt-On Sand Coatings for Powder Saturating Media for Obtaining of Castings Using Complex Modifiers for Making Fastening Elements with Wear-Resistant Technology for Manufacturing Products Manufacturing Technology of Pump Automated Machine Tool for Cabin Kameten 120 Method to Control Concrete Unchangeable Light Sources Processing of Copper-Containing Slags Cast Boron-Bearing Alloy and «ProLit» Computer System for «ProAeroDin‑1» Computer System for «ProVent» Computer System for «ProKhim» Computer System for Компьютерная система «ПроНРС» для «ProNRS» Computer System for «ProTerm» Computer System for Technology and Software on Calculation and Analysis of Calculation and Analysis of Calculation of Multilevel Power Apparatus-Program Complex «Controller» (АТЮФ.466539.009) Apparatus-Program Complex «Detector of Protected Apparatus-Program Complex «PORT» Module-Transformer of Interfaces RS Module for Collecting, Control Program Product for Creation Introduction of Informative Technologies Control Measuring System of Support Modules of Laser Non-Platform Inertial Navigation System Stand for Testing Ring Strain-Gauge Transducers and Several Device for AT‑101 Adhesive Device for Deposition of Femtosecond Measuring Complex for Femtosecond Yb: KYW Diode-Pumped Ultra-Sound Micro-Drive Operating Under АТР Solution-Type Analyser Technological Control Device of System of Automatic Control System of Automatic Change Weight-Measuring Device for Weighing Device for Evaluation of Strain String Gauge Sawing Disks Vapour-Mannequin of Final Treatment Vapour Heater Nameplates for Cattle Marking Technology for Obtaining Composite Composite Materials with Macroheterogeneous Glass-Crystal Material for Anti-Reflecting Diamond Synthetic Pastes Magnetic Fluid Table of Opto-Types MiLiZa Technology to Minimize the Absorption-Biochemical Installation of Cleaning Unit for Quantitative and Low Power-Consuming Systems of Nails for Extrafocal Osteosynthesis, Pashuk’s Endoprosthesis of Interphalangeal Table for Sanitary Treatment Medical Instruments: Instrument for Apparatus for the Mobilizing Extension Wires