Obtaining of Castings Using Continuous Casting Method

Получение литых заготовок методом непрерывного литья
Technology and equipment have been developed for obtaining continuously casting round billets with wall thickness of 30 mm and more and made of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous alloys in the foundry shops and sections.

Turbine Mixer УСТ‑0701 for Formation of Molding Sand and Core Sand Mixtures

Turbine Mixer УСТ‑0701 for Formation of Molding Sand and Core Sand Mixtures

Degas Tablet for Treatment of Aluminium-Based Alloys

Таблетка дегазирующая
The tablet allows to refine and modify hypoeutectic, eutectic, hyper eutectic silumins and also zinc-based alloys.

Fiberglass resin pipes and Glass-fiber pipes

«Chuy FRP Composite» LLC will organize equipment delivery for manufacture of glass-fiber pipes Method a centrifugal of moulding CC-GRP & FRP, in particular: 1. Capital equipment delivery 2. Installation and capital equipment commissioning 3. Delivery and auxiliaries installation 4. Training of the personnel to manufacture of pipes


Development of the technology of clearing the sewage water going into the city’s sewage system of KUP "Minsktrans"

From time to time samples of sewage water taken from the branches of "Minsktrans" exceed maximum permissible concentration of such components as SPAV, что такое? уточнить! oil based products, KhPK что такое? уточнить!, ammonium nitrogen, chlorides, phosphates, iron etc. Traditional methods of cleaning and clearing the systems of water drain do not ensure positive results. The problem demands using new technologies and equipment.